CloudHiro's Visualizer

CloudHiro's visualizer is designed to let you take back control of your AWS bill.

The visualized comes with a predefined set of Dashboards that are based on the CUR and will help you understand your bill. Additional dashboards can be easily and intuitively created. You can contact us if you need help building complex new dashboards.

What are customers using it for?

  • Show cost per resource, per region, per service, per organizational unit.
  • Allocate costs to projects, departments, and revenue generators.
  • Show differences between days, weeks, and months to easily visualize anomalies.
  • Create private dashboards for the different stakeholders in the organization to raise awareness to cost at every level.

Please use our setup guide @ to set up the visualizer.
Then check our quick user guide @ to take your first steps.
Usage is very intuitive. It won't take you long to master CloudHiro's visualizer and make it a powerful tool to analyze and visualize your cloud costs.