AWS Cost Analysis

How AWS Cost Analysis Solutions will Save You Money

CloudHiro works to get your Amazon Web Services (AWS) bill lowered. AWS cost analysis is key for reducing your overall bill.

CloudHiro cost analysis

With the number of AWS products growing, you may be moving more of your infrastructure to Amazon Web Services especially due to the potential cost savings. You likely have large data files stored on the cloud and lots of charts showing your AWS costs.

Amazon Web Services send their customers a daily cost and usage report, but you will need a detailed cost analysis to find ways for decreasing your bill. CloudHiro will provide you with the tools you'll need to better analyze those daily reports and optimize your cost.

CloudHiro creates customized cost analysis solutions for clients that will help them keep more money in their pockets. These tools will allow you to assess cost data with more flexibility and greater insight than before.

As your Amazon Web Services usage and storage grows, you'll see more cost inefficiencies filter through in your final bill. Due to this, you will see your AWS costs burgeon and expand. 

Therefore, our cost analysis and optimization solutions are vital for keeping track of your spending and avoiding any inefficiencies in your AWS usage. 

The benefits of AWS cost analysis solutions

CloudHiro will help you query your billing data and filter graphs based on various parameters. You will be able to filter based on time, usage type, specific data storage region, or a certain AWS package you purchased.

AWS cost analysis solutions include charts and graphs where you can analyze cost data over a specific period of weeks or months. A benefit of these tools is the potential to forecast your spending over the next several months.

Another benefit is the ability to better define patterns of your AWS usage over time. You can also see trends and identify sections that need further investigation.

AWS Architecture Reviews

We also offer clients AWS cost optimization architecture reviews, which can reduce your data storage costs. Reviewing your architecture can help cut down on cost producers and other inefficiencies. 

These cost producers include data transfer out and load-balancer costs, all of which can be a large part of your final AWS bill. However, by analyzing your cost optimization architecture, you can make some changes and keep more money in your wallet.

Applying the multiple AWS cost analysis tools and solutions available will help your business optimize costs and keep the overall bill at low, affordable levels. you'll be pleasantly surprised with the significant savings from CloudHiro cost analysis solutions.