1. What is CloudHiro?

    CloudHiro is a tool designed to help you implement a cost-saving operational methodology that will improve your AWS cost-performance ratio dramatically. CloudHiro is both active and reactive. "Costi", our nickname to the little guy doing all the hard work behind the scenes, will execute tags that carry your instructions like starting and stopping servers at certain times. Costi, will also review your account & send you tips with actions you should take to make sure you optimize your usage of AWS resources.

  2. How does CloudHiro connect to my AWS account?

    CloudHiro uses a role and an AWS mechanism called Switch Role or Assume Role as described in our Registration guide to connect to your account via the AWS API with permission you have given to the role. You can change the permission you have given the role or revoke them at any time. From time to time, as we add new features, new permissions may be required. We will update the CloudFormation.

  3. Which tags does CloudHiro support?

    All our tags are described on our methodology page. We recommend checking our methodology page periodically for new tags. Please note, some of the tags may still be in beta testing mode. Use these with care.

  4. Which rules does CloudHiro run on my account?

    Although we do not outline all our rules, once you are registered you can see some of the rules on the settings page as these can be turned on and off as a whole or for individual resources. We are constantly adding new rules. Some will appear on the settings page and some will only run one time. There is one rule, in particular, we do recommend you manually activate, as it is turned off by default. It's called shutdown untagged resources. This is the enforcer that will make sure everyone applies the cost-saving methodology at all times.

  5. How do I disconnect from CloudHiro?

    Disconnecting from CloudHiro is easy. Simply revoke the privileges of the role you have allocated to CloudHiro, or delete the role. Both will simply disconnect CloudHiro from your account. If you want, you can also Contact Us and instruct us to delete all your data from our system, which we will complete within two business days.

  6. What is the cost of CloudHiro?

    CloudHiro is free for the first month. After that our pricing is outlined here. We do give customers an option to request paid custom tags or automation. Please Contact Us for a quote.

  7. How do I submit an idea for new rules and tags?

    We welcome your thoughts and ideas. Please Contact Us and we can discuss these further.