AWS Cost Saving Strategies

How to Gain More AWS Cost Savings with Customized Strategies

The cost of IT infrastructure and cloud computing can add up significantly for businesses worldwide. As executives seek strategies for lowering data usage and storage spending, many are adopting Amazon Web Services (AWS).

When compared to traditional IT infrastructure, AWS showed 51 percent cost savings in data storage and a 30 percent reduction of computing costs in 2014. Since AWS allows companies to scale their data storage needs up or down depending on web traffic, significant cost savings on web applications are likely.

For example, saved more than 5,000 USD on instance purchase and monthly usage costs by adopting an AWS web application product. Additionally, the Kellogg's company has saved more than 50,000 USD in infrastructure costs in big data usage and storage through AWS.

The AWS Cloud has a very flexible payment model with lots of flexibility whenever a business needs to increase or decrease their resource usage based on their company's requirements and profit growth.

Nonetheless, whenever a company switches over to AWS, they may notice certain spending trends or jumps in price that can be further reduced using the right strategies. 

With CloudHiro, your business will cut costs and spend less time manually managing your spending. You'll have less of a headache if you work with experts on AWS cost saving strategies. Below are some key steps for cost saving on AWS.

Adopt new generation instance families

Those who have used the same AWS cloud over a few years are likely using old generation instance families. New instance families have better memory at a lower price. In fact, customers who implement new generation instance families have seen a 10 to 20 percent AWS cost savings.

Shutdown DEV/QA workloads after work hours

One strategy that can help you earn more cost savings is to shutdown DEV/QA workloads on the weekends and at the end of the workday. You may need to make sure your AWS platforms can automatically start and stop when you begin or finish using your servers.

Adding automation technology including billing automation may take you a few days with the help of CloudHiro, but you'll be able to save as much as 20 percent in your AWS spending.

Use compression and caching on the cloud

To make sure you get cost savings on data storage, you'll need to include compression for different types of material such as CSS, JavaScript, Text Files, JSON, or HTML. Static resources like text or HTML will need caching and compression to optimize your AWS costs.

Identify unused resources

Another way to cut AWS costs is to conduct an analysis of your resources and identify the idle or unused systems. Even if an EC2 instance or an RDS DB instance is not being used, you will still be charged for it as long as it is running.

There are multiple ways to handle idle resources such as terminating the instance or stopping it from running. You may also change the size of the instance if it is necessary for running your programs on a long-term basis.

While Amazon Web Services reduces your spending from traditional IT infrastructure, there are customized AWS cost savings solutions your business would benefit from.