Costi is our AWS cost guard. It will make sure you do not pay for what you do not use. Costi can shave many points off your AWS bill.

How to use it

It's very simple to use. Once you have registered here you can follow use our Methodology to let Costi know how you are using your AWS resources.

The next step is to give Costi access to your account as described here so that Costi can review your account. Please note that there are two levels, a read-only mode, where Costi does not perform any operations on your account. The next level allows Costi to perform operations directly on your account.

Costi runs automatically and uses the access level granted to guard your bill.


Costi is free for the first month. After the first month, our monthly subscription is 0.5% of your monthly cloud spend. Our full-service package is 2.5% of your monthly cloud spend. We also have a 10% of monthly savings pricing option. You can switch between software only and full service every three months.

For custom tags, please contact us for a price quote

In any case the first month is a free trial.

Pay as you GO vs Pay per USAGE

There is a big difference between pay as you go & pay per usage. Let's simply assume you rent a car and then just simply park it in your driveway for a week. Did you pay for it? - Yes!, did you use it? NO.

In cloud computing this happens a lot. You allocate a resource: server, network capacity, disks, backups, snapshots, etc... You pay for it once you allocate it and spin it up. Shutting it down will lover costs but not zero them out.

Costi allows you to pay for what you use. Whether it is because it starts servers before you use them and shuts them down once you are done, or simply cleans up leftovers, it is designed to turn your pay as you go into pay per usage.

Start saving now.