About Us

Our mission is to improve your efficiency & AWS cost management

We aim to help clients who have ever-growing costs when running their servers through Amazon Web Services (AWS). We offer a variety of solutions to improve clients' AWS cost management and reduce their spending.

Our mission is to assist our customers with running their businesses more efficiently at a lower cost. At CloudHiro, you will gain access to innovative strategies for handling your AWS cost management tools.

We ensure our clients have personalized cost analysis solutions to help them store data more efficiently and reduce their monthly spending. For example, using the AWS Billing Dashboard, we will define what services account for most of your cost and identify key spending trends.

AWS cost management tools

Using AWS cost management tools, we will go over your bill and explore more options for optimizing your spend. This may include reducing the use of unneeded data storage services or shutting down servers and resources you don't utilize.

We will also analyze your financial data with the AWS Cost Explorer tool so that you can better manage your use of Amazon Web Services in the future. You will receive customized feedback on your cost charts and reports including information on your usage data and how to boost efficiency.

The AWS Budgets tool also helps with cost management by allowing you to set cost and usage budgets while alerting you whenever that standard has been broken. Every account has as many as five alerts and can send notifications to as many as 10 individual emails.

Using these different cost management tools, CloudHiro ensures each client receives tailored solutions to help manage AWS spending.

Strategies for better cost management

Using graphs and analysis tools, we help clients filter their billing data based on various parameters. The Cost Explorer tool lets you filter graphs and data by Amazon EC2 instance type, purchase option, region, usage type, and more.

Other strategies for better AWS cost management include automating billing, obtaining reserved instances, adding spot instances to your package, and removing old data. 

Tracking spending manually day-to-day can become a real headache. Automating billing will give you more peace of mind and improve your cost management.

Purchasing reserved instances instead of On-Demand prices will also give your business a significant discount on your monthly AWS bill. This discount can range anywhere from 40 to 60 percent.

Additionally, buying spot instances can give you more Amazon EC2 computing capacity while offering a 75 percent discount price compared to On-Demand prices. We can also help you delete or archive old data that you no longer use to lower your costs.

We have helped many clients across various industries reduce their AWS spending and keep more money in their pockets. Our tailored solutions have shown real results among our clients and their AWS cost management strategies.

We ensure our clients run their businesses more efficiently and smoothly while saving money on their day-to-day operations. If your company is struggling with the cost of running servers on the cloud, send us your information and we'll get started on lowering your AWS spending.