Pay less for AWS

Five Ways You can Save Costs on Amazon Web Services

Are the costs of running your servers climbing quickly? Amazon Web Services (AWS) cost optimization could be your solution. AWS cost optimization can help lower that growing cost.

The services and pricing options available through Amazon Web Services provide you with plenty of flexibility to successfully optimize your costs while keeping your servers and Internet hosting running smoothly.

CloudHiro offers you effective cost management tools and the ability to decide on a range of services that will help you better track your costs and manage the money you're spending.

AWS cost optimization can be achieved through a number of different methods. To gain the highest amount of AWS cost savings, you'll want to apply all of the methods below.

Remove or shut down what you do not use

One way to save costs is to shut down any servers, computers, or other resources you do not use. You should also look at deleting and archiving old data that you no longer need to access.

Servers and resources should be shut down in the evening after working hours and started back up again once everyone is back at work in the morning. Using this method for your cost optimization has been found to have about 40 percent cost savings.

Automate your billing

When running a business, it is very complicated to keep track of your spending manually. Automating your billing is a great way to have more assurance that your statements will be paid. You'll no longer get a headache from having to track your finances manually.

Automation can include increasing your resources as well as deleting temporary or duplicate data. AWS cost optimization involves Auto Scaling Groups (ASG) and other resources that offer several methods of automation.

Purchase Reserved Instances

Instead of getting On-Demand prices, you'll be able to save money on your cloud software bill by investing in Reserved Instances (RI). In the first year, you can get a discount of about 40 percent on average. This discount can go up to as much as 60 percent after three years.

The way this works is by paying either a partial or entire upfront payment in order to get a discounted AWS bill. Often buying three years worth of Reserved Instances may not work for your business, but you can switch over after one year if you find a cheaper option.

Include spot instances in your cloud computing services

Amazon EC2 spot instances give you access to spare compute capacity for an up to 90% discount on the original EC2 pricing. This is another excellent way to optimize and manage your costs. Spot instances offer about a 75 percent discount price when compared to On-Demand prices.

While this process takes place on short notice, it can save you more than 50 percent on your bill.

Ask for discounts

If your business has invested in new technologies and you are using these resources extensively, you should ask Amazon Web Services for certain discounts. This could also lower your overall cost.

These five steps are key for AWS cost optimization. If you want the lowest possible cloud computing cost for your business, follow the five steps above.